It has a beneficial effect on body and mental health

Sauna center

In the sauna area, which is part of the aqua center, you can find a dry sauna, steam bath, cooling area with showers and cooling bucket, and a relaxation area with loungers.



  1. We do not go to the sauna after a hearty meal neither starving.
  2. Before entering the sauna it is required to take a shower, wash with soap and dry yourself carefully in order to achieve a faster sweating.
  3. It is required to go to the sauna without swimsuits and trunks. Since they prevent the skin against warming. To cover yourself, use a towel or sheet.
  4. In the sauna you can sit or lie down on the bed sheet. Lying position ensures an even temperature throughout your body.
  5. The length of your stay is individual, but generally it is recommended 10 up to 20 mines. Only the warmth feels comfortable.
  6. During your stay in the sauna, you can massage the skin of your limbs with a brush or another suitable device which helps flush out impurities from your body through skin pores.
  7. After a stay in the sauna it is very important to cool off gradually. Ideally, from your limbs towards the heart. 
  8. After each heating and cooling you should relax. After the last repetition you should rest longer (ideally min. 30 mines) in the lounge drinking lots of water.


Opening hours

Mon 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Tue - Sun 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Last entry at 7:15 pm.

Price list


Price in CZK per person
Adults 5:00 pm-9:00 pm/strong> sauna* 1/2 hour**
155 165   40
195 205   40
110 120   30
105 115   25
80 90   20


Pass for 10 entries

10-21 h 1/2 hour**
Pool + sauna 1 120 30
Each visitor obtain 1 chip through which can lock only one locker. Surcharge is charged if the visitor has exceeded the period of stay for which he/she bought the admission.



The charge for loss of the chip is 1 000 CZK.

*the entry for sauna for 30 mines can be bought from a lifeguard

** each commenced 1/2 hour

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Virtual tour
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