Radon therapy



The basis of Jáchymov treatment are baths in thermal and mineral radon water appropriately combined with modern methods of physical therapy and rehabilitation, which together support and help restore lost or impaired organism functions.

Spa treatment is supervised by a physician under the prescribed individual treatment program. Based on an initial examination, your physician will prescribe the most appropriate treatments using radon baths and rehabilitation. Spa treatments respect the nature of the disease, individual differences, and degree of disability. Treatments are carried out by modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and professional staff who are carefully trained and have years of experience.

For maximum effect of spa treatment, it is recommended by physicians to visit the spa twice a year for two or three weeks. For some diagnoses, it is four weeks once a year. To start up the effects of radon therapy, it is required to complete a minimum of 10 radon baths.

Subjective relief and clinical signs of improving the health status of the patient are observed during the first two weeks of the treatment and going on still 4–6 weeks after its completion. The majority of patients can see stabilization of their condition for 8 to 10 months after the treatment. Radon therapy is very gentle and does not burden your organism.

The treatment is perfectly complemented by the excellent climatic conditions. Spa walks and hikes through the surrounding picturesque countryside help with your healing and gaining new energy.


What makes a particular location a spa is a specific natural healing source. There is a climatic spa, spa with springs of thermal mineral water, mud baths, etc. Jáchymov Spa is thanks to its natural healing resource totally unique and different. The spa provides treatment using radon water which unlike other sources does not have chemical effects but energy ones.

The unique source of natural wealth is Jáchymov’s mine, the oldest one in the Czech Republic and probably in Europe. The Svornost mine was founded in 1518. On its twelfth floor, at a depth of 500 meters underground, there are radon water springs named after academician Běhounek and Marie Curie - Sklodowska, for example.

Currently, there are four springs used on the 12th floor. The water from these springs is collected into a pool on the 12th floor and from there it is pumped about 400 m to the storage tank on the Barbora floor. From the tank, the water flows into the Daniel floor, and then it flows in pipelines (3,000 m) into individual spa-facilities.


Animals including humans were evolving on earth for millions of years in an environment which in various stages more or less produced ionizing radiation. Organisms therefore have time to build a natural physiological response that protects cells from radiation damage. It is mostly regenerative processes. Even people are thus able to react to a certain extent to ionizing radiation by activating their regenerative processes and are capable of a certain cold resistance against radiation and against further physical and chemical damage to cells. Jáchymov balneology uses this phenomenon in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases in a broad sense. Radon, 222 radon isotope, is chemically an inert gas that rises in the Ore Mountains depths and dissolves in the underground springs. It is a source of soft ionizing alpha radiation. When having a radon bath, body surface area is exposed to a sort of energetic shower of radon alpha-particles, and thus it triggers a chain of physiological reactions. Radon penetration into blood circulation is negligible, and biological half-life (elimination of radon from the body) is 20 mines (the length of a radon bath).


It is important to use radon in optimal quality and quantity. The quality of radon is soft alpha radiation. The quantity is the power of the Jáchymov springs and radon baths dosing tested for centuries. Their therapeutic range is 10 to 24 baths of intensity from 4.5 to 5.5 kBq for 20 mines. The absorbed energy stimulates tissue regeneration and disposal of harmful oxidative stressors (mostly free radicals from chemicals from industrially processed foods and the environment). It increases the production of hormones, including those against pain, antiinflammatory, and sex. All of the components of the immune system are activated. These processes are started up during the treatment stay and continue for about 4–6 weeks after the last radon bath. Subsequently, it leads to soothing painful and inflammatory problems in the organism, and it improves the function of all components of the musculoskeletal system – joints, muscles, tendons, and related vascular and nerve supply. Relief usually last more than six months, quality of life for the chronically ill is improved, and the consumption of analgesics and other drugs is reduced.


Most people hear mostly negative information about ionizing radiation from media: weapons of mass destruction, radiation sickness, etc. Radiation treatment is also connected with a cancer therapy. Nevertheless, ionizing radiation is in the hands of the physician less risky than, for example, penicillin. Even today, people are still dying on the severe allergic reaction to penicillin. No one has ever died on medical radiation. Each physical therapy falls under a medical control – in order to bring the positive said of this natural energy.
Jáchymov Spa are certified by the State Office for Nuclear Safety on the implementation of this treatment and measures concerning absolute safety of both patients and staff. There is also a dosimetric laboratory in the Jáchymov spa complex which is responsible for supervising if the prescribed procedures are followed both when drawing radon water and providing the radon baths in the spa. The radon content in water and in the air is regularly and very thoroughly monitored and controlled, and every patient entering the spa sanatorium is examined both clinically and laboratory.
Perhaps the best proof of the safety and effectiveness of Jáchymov therapy are our patients who come to the spa regularly for ten, twenty, sometimes thirty years. Thanks to the radon therapy their lives, often despite a serious chronic disease, are bearable.