Garshan Massage

Garshan Massage

  • For those sufferingrom heart disorders, breathlessness, and venous inflammations, it is recommended to consult a physician. It is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Contraindication: allergy to eucalyptus and camphor.
  • 60 – 70 min. Depending on your body size.


Garshan is Ayurdevic slimming detox massage known for 2,000 years. This relaxing and stimulating massage eases lymph flow and improves blood flow. It aids in weight reduction and eliminates cellulite. It removes fatigue and regenerates the whole body. The massage is performed on the entire body using special silk gloves and peeling. It is used natural mustard oil, camphor balls, or Himalayan sea salt, and eucalyptus essence. After the massage, you are wrapped in a pack to support the regeneration.



1 090 CZK


Information and reservation at: 353 836 000,


The procedure can be purchased as a Gift Voucher