BOSU means the end of a boring workout!


BOSU is a very entertaining exercise that has an impact on strengthening muscles of all of the parts of your body.

What is BOSU?

BOSU is a fitness training device consisting of an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform. When exercising, you can use both sides.

Balancing involves not only consciously controlled muscles, but also deep skeletal muscles and other important muscles, which we do not use in everyday activities, that supports good posture. Weakness of these muscles is a very common cause of back pain and joint pain. BOSU exercising improves your balance and strengthens your body.


For whom is it appropriate to exercise BOSU?

BOSU was originally developed for rehabilitation. Thanks to its wide range of possibilities, it is suitable for both women and men of all ages whether they are athletes or they exercise to maintain their health. The great advantage is that during exercising the joints do not suffer.

Each lesson lasts about an hour and at the beginning there is a warm up and at the end the whole body is strechted.


Benefits of BOSU

BOSU comprehensively strengthens muscles throughout the body, tendons and ligaments, ensures better balance and posture, and like any physical activity has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and fat reduction. The reward for you will be a slimmer figure, stronger body, and it might also help eliminate back pain and neck muscles if you exercise regularly.


BOSU means the end of a boring workout!

When and Where

WHEN: EveryTuesday 5:15 pm and Thursday 5:00 pm

WHERE:Agricola spa center/p>

LECTURER: Bc. Marcela Plíhalová

PRICE: 80 CZK/ lesson (60 min), 

10 lessons for 600 CZK


Required reservation at the Agricola front desk

tel. 353 836 444,


BOSU workout