Lomi-Lomi - Hawaiian Massage

Lomi-Lomi - Hawaiian Massage

  • In the case of infectious diseases, inflammation, skin diseases, large hematomas, open wounds, burns, and varicose veins after surgery, we recommend consulting a physician. It is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • 45 min.
  • In the massage room, undress to your underwear.


Lomi-Lomi (loving hands) is a Hawaiian massage considered a number one among massages. The massage not only stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system, but also eliminates muscle pain, fatigue and stress, relaxes joints, helps to detoxify the body, reduces neurological problems, and improves immune system. After the massage you will feel relaxed and it also removes restlessness.
The massager uses mostly his/her forearm by using the body weight and center of gravity. It is a full body massage (except the face, belly, and intimate parts). The oil used is aromatic (coconut, apricot, etc.)


790 CZK


Information and reservation at: 353 836 000, agricola@laznejachymov.cz


The procedure can be purchased as a Gift Voucher