Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage

  • In case of acute problems, skin ailments, and high blood pressure, it is recommended to consult a physician./li>
  • 60–70 min.
  • Get undressed fully, please. Underwear (single use briefs and bra) is given to you in the massage room.


Thai oil massage is based on the concept of traditional Thai massage with elements of Ayurveda. Nevertheless, it is different from European oil massage. Due to its effects, it can be considered a therapeutic massage that relaxes the muscles. It has a good effect on blood and lymphatic system and strengthens immunity. All this helps the psyche, relieves stress, calms the nervous system, and balances the energy potential of the organism. Regular massage also reduces swelling, tissue hardening, and helps regulate intestine. Afterwards, you will feel wonderfully relaxed both mentally and physically.



900 CZK


Information and reservation: 353 836 000,


The procedure can be purchased as a Gift Voucher