Cryotherapy (treatment with cold)

Cryotherapy (treatment with cold)

  • The procedure requires a prior medical examination.
  • 3 - 15 min. (depending on the method used and the area being treated)
  • Comfortable clothing. In the cryocabin room, undress to your underwear (we recommend cotton) you will be given warm slippers and gloves. Do not undertake any “wet” activities an hour before the procedure. In contrast, upon leaving the cryocabin, you must swim or exercise. If heat can heal, then why not cold? At Jáchymov spa, you can enjoy both. In machine-assisted cryotherapy, you will meet a stream of cold air at -30°C, which is blown onto the painful parts. Or you can have bags at -18 °C placed on them. This form of treatment is recommended for following injury, during muscle cramps, and arthrisis with inflammatory irritation. The discovery of the cryocabin led to a boom in cryotherapy. Your body is placed in liquid nitrogen at -160 °C for one to three mines. The sensitive areas are protected and your head is outside of the “frozen space”. Anyone who has tried it will know that extremely cold temperatures warm you up. At the right dosing, the cold will remove pain, inflammation, and susceptibility to illness.



    Cryotherapy (bag): 110 CZK

    Cryotherapy (device): 220 CZK

    Cryocabin: 450 CZK


    Information and reservation at: 353 836 000,


Kryoterapie (kryokabina) 1 procedura: 450,- Kč
Konzultace s lázeňským lékařem: 400,- Kč



Kryoterapie 5 a více procedur: 420,- Kč
Při objednání 5ti a více procedur je konzultace s lékařem zahrnuta v ceně. Uvedené ceny jsou za 1 proceduru včetně platné výše DPH. 



Při zakoupení 5ti a více procedur získáte nyní ke každé proceduře sezení v solné jeskyni ZDARMA


Informace a rezervace

Tel.: +420 353 836 000

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The procedure can be purchased as a Gift Voucher