Radon Bath

Radon Bath

  • The procedure requires a prior medical examination. You can try one bath without the examination. However, we do not recommend it for those with a recent case history of cancer.
  • 25–30 min. (15–20 min. Bath + 10 min. Poultice)
  • In the room with the hydrotherapy tub, get undressed, please.


Together with top physiotherapy, radon baths are the cornerstone of the treatment in Jáchymov. Mineral water containing radon is released into the special hydropathic baths from the bottom and it is reminiscent of a spring slowly filling a pond. This method ensures the most efficient use of therapeutic radon, which would otherwise be released before reaching the surface if the bath was filled as usual. You relax for 15 to 20 mines in a bath at 35–37 °C with an ideal concentration of radon at 4 to 5 kBq/litre. At the end of the procedure, you will be wrapped in a warm blanket or sheet and lying down. It is necessary to have at least ten baths so that your body can react to the therapy and start the regeneration processes. During this period, it also stimulates the glands with internal secretions (including the sexual ones). The regeneration does not stop after the last bath: it carries on for another four to six weeks. So how long will this energy help you with your pain? For some it is more than 6 months. In most of the cases, the use of analgetics and other drugs decreases significantly.



630 CZK


Information and reservation at: 353 836 000, agricola@laznejachymov.cz


The procedure can be purchased as a Gift Voucher