Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise

  • The procedure requires prior medical examination.
  • 15 min. of individual exercises
  • 20 min. of group exercises in the pool
  • 30 min. of group exercises
  • Sportswear and swimsuit for exercising in the pool

If you do not exercise, you will feel muscles you had no idea about and also that you need more than a half of a day to strengthen them. The best recipe for how to prevent such a situation is to exercise regularly. Since exercising is the most important assistant of radon baths, our professionally trained physiotherapists will teach you how to exercise correctly. They will help you to increase your physical fitness including individual, group exercising, in the gym, pool, and on the machines. You will learn the proper coordination of movements and muscle tension, and you will gain valuable experience.



15 min. Individual exercises: 260 CZK
20 min. of group exercise in the pool: 130 CZK
30 min. of group exercise: 110 CZK


Information and reservation at: 353 836 000,


The procedure can be purchased as a Gift Voucher