The power that comes out of the water.


Do you want to treat yourself?

Do you want to spend your time pleasantly?

Then come to us!


What kind of exercise it is?


The exercise is aimed at increasing fitness of the cardio-respiratory system, improving muscle tone and body shaping, increased flexibility, stress relief and improved regeneration after intense physical and mental activity. It is suitable for all ages, regardless of gender, all types of body constitution – also suitable for overweight people (the hydrostatic uplift reduces load to your joints and spine).

Even non-swimmers can exercise!

When and Where

WHEN: According to schedule

WHERE: Spa Center Agricola

LECTURERS: Bc. Marcela Plíhalová, professional instructors

PRICE: 100 CZK / lesson (60 min), 

10 lessons 800 CZK


Required reservation at the front desk Agricola

tel. +420 353 836 444,